Monday, 7 July 2014

Final Degree Show

This current sculptural work in porcelain and cast glass aims to express my intense joy experienced when dancing.  The intention is to embody the freedom of movement and abandonment felt on the dance floor, with grace and elegance, as well as the beauty of flow and motion found in nature.  This proved to be an enjoyable technical challenge.

Large Extrusions in Porcelain and Wax

Extrusions of varying sizes and spontaneity

Extrusions of Glass and Porcelain

Display at Exhibition

Display at New Designers Exhibition, London 2014

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Rejuvenation, Inspired by Chinoiserie department at Plymouth City Museum. January 2014


Broken vessel or human scar: a beautiful new beginning.

Whilst researching Chinoiserie, the artist was drawn to crudely repaired vessels from previous centuries.

The Japanese art of Kintsugi is skillful repair of broken vessels, including gold, resulting in a more beautiful, more valuable, renewed life for that vessel".

Vessels were slip cast from porcelain, then either: 
high bisque fired with silver wire added
high bisque fired with glass added
high fired with glaze and re-fired with platinum lustre.

Inspiration from broken, repaired vessels.

Preparation of forms and moulds in the plaster room

Raw clay vessels formed and damaged

Wire knitted to re-form torn neck of vessel

Final vessels displayed

Japanese Masterclass at Kigbeare Studios, July 2013. Masahiro Kumagae demonstrating slab building.

Preparing slabs

Folding edges


Curving the edges


Preparing clay for dish

Marking the underside

Japanese paper to form shape of dish

Feet being turned

Placing clay over paper form

Ready to dry

Kigbeare Studios, Masahiro Kumagae Slab Building Demonstration, July 2013

Kigbeare Studions Masterclass, Peter Seabridge Throwing, July 2013

Demonstration from Peter Seabridge

Flowing finger marks



Finger grooves

Preparing for feet

Finishing outer edge

Feet added


Japanese Masterclass in Ceramics Decoration with Reiko Nagata at Kigbeare Studios, Devon. July 2013

Preparation of ingredients for decoration

Pestle and mortar used to grind finely

Calm and concentration essential


Beginner's straight lines

Japanese-style design?

Kigbeare Kiln

Kiln fodder

Preparation of Sushi

The Group of Participants